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April 4, 2018

     March had some fun experiences. I was given the opportunity to speak at a young adults group, which I recorded and have put at the bottom of the newsletter. You should be able to press play and listen. I spoke on God’s faithfulness. So often we hear about our faithfulness or the lack of it; but I haven’t heard much on God’s faithfulness to us. A few days after I had spoken on the subject, I went to my church and my pastor spoke on the same thing... God’s faithfulness. I thought the timeliness of God was really cool. I recommend listening to the recording I put at the bottom because there is a lot to glean from the subject. I am still learning about God’s faithfulness and what that looks like for me personally. God gives so many promises of which we can find many just in the Gospels. We have to remember God is going to keep those promises... we don’t have to doubt Him on that. Ever since I had this revelation, I have felt my faith grow. As we begin to know God on a personal basis, we will learn that He is going to stay true to what He says; thus, we don’t have to worry if He is going to follow through with what He says or not.

     I graduated from a public high school; but while there, I was blessed with an awesome teacher who was a strong believer. There was a little Christian club held in her classroom before school started that I was involved with. I discovered then that God was doing some amazing things in that school and it continues even today. I know many of the teachers there pray for the students and that God would infiltrate the place and in hearts. One of the students asked the school to allow a praise and worship night in the school after hours. I went to it, and there were a few teachers there along with about thirty students. I am confident that it is going to keep growing. I believe God doing some mighty works in the students and in the school. The praise and worship time is an ongoing thing now, not always held at the school; but that is where it started and will have an impact on the school.

     A few days ago I had trouble falling asleep. I was planning on going to an Easter sunrise service in the morning, so I was mentally preparing to wake up earlier than usual, at least for me. That is when I learned that God is a night owl. Maybe He is on another time zone, but anyways, He was keeping me up later than what I anticipated. He was expanding to me on what it means to be the body of Christ with me. Christ is the head of the church and we are the body. If you cut off the head, the body is going to be useless. Basically, if there is no Jesus in the church, the church is going to be useless. Now, if we remove the body, the head will be useless. From there, God was telling me how much He loves us. He chose to put Himself in a position that forces Him to have to be a good leader, or else the church would be led into chaos. Since He is love, He is going to take care of us, the body. Ephesians 5:29 tells us that no one ever despised their body and nourished it and cherished it at the same time. Jesus bound Himself to us by becoming the head, so now He cannot betray us, for if He did, He would also be betraying Himself. He was also telling me that if we weren’t here, He would feel useless. He wants His kids to be a part of His majestic plans; otherwise without us, everything would be in vain to Him. Without us God would feel useless. That is how much He loves us and wants us to be a part of what He does.

     God is happy to have you partake of His mighty work. He is the God of compassion and mercy. He is slow to anger and always abounding in love and faithfulness. His love stretches to a thousand generations and He forgives sin and evil work; while not excusing the guilty. Their sins, apart from repentance, will be laid on their children and grandchildren, even to the third and fourth generations. Some of the first words God tells us about Himself, can be found in Exodus 34:5-7, is that He is kind, gracious and compassionate. Isn’t that awesome? Unfortunately, many people will read the last part and become scared, but they don’t have to be. Since Jesus turned His heart towards us, we can now turn our hearts towards Him. We have been forgiven by Jesus. Our sins won’t be laid on our descendants. Also if you read the first part, love goes to a thousand generations and sin only to four. That means, that God’s love is at least 250 times more powerful than sin. At least! Of course, we know by the work of Jesus just how great His love is... beyond our comprehension. These are powerful words God gave us. I hope you have a new found revelation of God’s love for you. There is still more to gather from this, but it is good to learn how to hearken to the voice of your Father. Listen and see what He tells you about Him. 










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