November 10, 2017


               The month of October. Quite a bit happened. I am still in the process of finding the monthly support to allow me to do missions full-time. I am waiting to hear from two different churches to find out if I will be supported monthly by them. Please pray for provision in that. I thank God for his provision, but I still do not have the monthly financial goal reached to allow me to go back and forth from unreached people groups then back to America. I will be bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups with small teams for six months then when I return to the States, I will mobilize the people of faith and bring them out to reach the unreached. Currently I am mobilizing people to make this happen. I am strengthening the backbone of this all. This wouldn’t be possible without believers unifying and sending people out to preach the Gospel. For those of you who have joined my team as prayer warriors and financial warriors I thank tremendously. I just need more people. My monthly goal is $3113.95 and I am about 40 something percent there. Reaching that goal will allow me to travel back and forth. These unreached people groups I will be going to will be all over the world. Africa, Asia, South America, and more.

            I had the opportunity to speak at a small middle school Sunday school group. Their leader asked me if I would be willing to do that, so I was able to share with them a bit about some of my stories from Zambia, Africa. That was fun. I collaborated with a few other people to put together an event where I could present my ministry to people from a church that has partnered with me. It was a good way for the people in that church to know who their church is supporting.

            Most of you reading this know that I always write about some recent revelation. This one is huge and I really want you guys to grasp it. It is longer than what I usually write, quite a bit longer actually, but it is really good. I will preface the paper by saying I have copyright laws on it: you have the right to copy it. The Word of God is meant to be shared and not kept secret, so please if you would like you can print it out and send it to other people. I have no issue with that. Feel free to email it or whatever. I want people to be influenced by God. Please enjoy it. 












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