God's Involved

Hello friends and family! I just made it to Zambia, Africa to begin a six month stint of ministry. Right now, it is lush and green because it is at the peak of rainy season. I have never seen it like this before! I barely recognize it.

I will be assisting some of our long-term missionaries in a chiefdom called Sioma. In the chiefdom, they speak a language called Lozi, so I will partner with a Lozi man named Charles. I will also work with a Lozi man named Mushowe, with whom I have worked before. I flew to Zambia earlier than I had anticipated. My leadership within Overland informed me that it would be better if I come to Zambia earlier than scheduled. I had to rush and get certain paperwork in order, but it happened because God was in the details.

Our God is involved in the little things. On my first flight I received an aisle seat. I was slightly disappointed because I wanted a window seat this go-round. The person that was supposed to sit there came by and said to take his window seat. I gladly received and thanked God for His gift. On another flight where I was hoping to have an aisle seat, I got a seat in-between two people; but the aisle was left empty, so I was able to sit there. Praise God! I know it may be small, but recognizing God in the littlest things to the biggest things helps build our faith. (Philemon 1:6) Acknowledging God in everything helps us see how God is involved in our daily lives.

This is the river view from Sioma. We are right along the Zambezi river. It's pretty to look at, but you do not want to swim in it. The crocodiles and hippos are more than plentiful.

I had been to Sioma before back in 2018. Absolutely loved it! I am very excited to work with the family out there--a married couple with two kids. God has sent me back to this place where I have built relationships before. Basically, I will be doing recon missions, evangelism, and discipleship. Those will be some of my primary focuses on this trip. Of course, there will more than likely be work that needs to happen on the base as well. I am excited to work with Charles and impact the villages. I will be spending a lot of time in a village called Kyanja.

This is the little home I will be living in for the time being I am in Sioma. It is very cozy and I am really making it mine.

My first time in Sioma was an absolutely beautiful time. I was able to minister to a lady who was a new believer and former witchdoctor. I witnessed her dance around as she received a Bible in Lozi. It was super amazing. I look forward to keeping you all updated with what God will be doing in Sioma and other parts of Zambia this trip. Thank you for praying!

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