God's peace in the Middle of Uncertainty

Hello friends and family, I am excited to send out this newsletter. Even though we have faced this quarantine and countless restrictions from the government, God’s work persists. Here in Zambia, borders are closed and masks are required to walk into any store. Every shop has hand washing stations outside. There are checkpoints set up across Zambia where you are required to exit your vehicle and have your temperature taken and wash your hands. There have been very few cases of Covid-19 here in Zambia, but they have still implemented a number of restrictions. I am safe here and any reported case is a good distance away. Since about mid-March I have been in quarantine, but about two weeks ago, Overland leadership gave us the release to continue ministry in the villages; of course, while still abiding by government restrictions and avoiding meeting in big groups; so most ministry is done one on one now. When they gave the release I was immediately back out in the village of Kaanja with my Zambian ministry partner Charles.

During the quarantine I stayed on the base here in Sioma. Myself, along with the family I am living with, stayed busy during the time by finding projects that needed to be done on the base. It ranged from carpentry to electrical, from setting up solar systems, putting screens together to yardwork... whatever needed to be done. I am definitely learning a lot and it is very exciting.

When I returned to the village of Kaanja, Charles and I visited individuals ministering the Gospel and how encouraging this was to us. One really amazing experience I wanted to share revolves around an Angolan family. From the very first time I entered this village I became close with this 15 year-old boy named Kasanga. Charles and I have basically been taking this boy under our wing involving him with ministry and teaching him the things of God. Once when ministering to his family who is originally from Angola, I was speaking in English, Charles was translating it to Lozi, and Kasanga was translating it to Mbunda so his family could understand. I thought it was awesome to see how many times we had to translate, but also to see the involvement of Kasanga and the response from his family. They were very happy to hear the Word of God.

Kasanga continues to follow Charles and I around. I like to take time to just minister to him personally. He does not know much English, but when he does speak English it is so good. He is a really bright kid. We are also working on getting him more involved with ministry. We sometimes give him ways to participate when we are ministering to individuals. I am excited for the work God is going to do in him. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. I love discipleship. I thought about Jesus' approach to discipleship. He told some people to follow him and he raised these individuals to be his disciples. He taught them and served them. He was their leader and friend. When I entered Kaanja, I asked God to highlight people for me to take under my wing. Kasanga was one of them. Jesus' disciples did not pick him, Jesus picked them. Jesus exalted them from fishermen and tax collectors to apostles. They just faithfully followed in a place of humility. Humility is what allows God to work in us and sanctify us so we can be great people of faith. Becoming the least is how you become the greatest. The last will be first and the first will be last.

I am looking forward to seeing the continued growth of Kasanga. Charles and I are always planning on how to impact the village, creating strategies and staying the course of the vision.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I am extremely grateful for it, especially during this time as I’m sure there have been some financial difficulties. Praise God that He is provider and a good Father who takes care of us.

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