The Power of the Gospel

Hello friends and family, I’m excited to share with you the mighty works that God has been doing. I have been having a splendid time working in ministry. I have some updates and stories I would like to share.

Ministry is going great. I have been able to have many experiences and watch the members in my Bible study grow. My ministry partners and I have been pioneering into a number of new villages in which to begin ministry. One village by the name of Namashabe has

responded super well. I have a very simple strategy when entering new places: it is simply to preach the Gospel. That is what I did with this village. There were some men and women seated around on mats and little stools. I began with the creation story and went through the fall. I talked about how man was separated from God and how sin deserves death. I used analogies of farming and parenting so they could understand. I talked about the life of Jesus and the redemption story. I talked about his resurrection and what it means to have faith in Jesus – what it means to call him Lord. The people looked onward and began to discuss among themselves and ask a number of questions. They told us that we do not come enough. That we need to come multiple times a week to teach them. One of them spoke up and said that we need to train someone to leave with them so that person can teach them the Word of God. We talked with some of the individuals and figured that we could do something like that, so we began to strategize on transportation and how to best impact the village. I left some of my Zambian guys out there while I had to do things with immigration.

An example of what I see when meeting in the villages

They had an amazing time. They actually had the opportunity to pour into one of the albinos in the village. He is super hungry for God and was astounded at the love the ministers showed him. They encouraged him and plan to minister to this man much more. They also saw the Induna (village head) receive Christ as his savior. God is moving in that place.

My stint here in Zambia is nearly over. I will soon be entering into the next chapter of my life. I’m actually flying to America in a few days to prepare for my travels to Cambodia where I will be reunited with my fiancé. There we will be doing wedding preparations as well as marrying; and then entering into a season of fundraising to return back to Zambia as full-time missionaries. We will be in the same area that I am in now.

I am grateful for all of you and your continued support in both prayers and finances. I am so greatly honored. I am excited for where God is leading my life and how he is working in the lives of all of you. Be blessed with a Biblically-sized blessing!

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