ONENESS (cont.)

December 1, 2017

November was busy. I have started to head back east after being in Oregon for about four months I believe. I recently arrived in Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with my Mother, then drove my sister and her husband back DC where they live. I hope all of you had good Thanksgivings with your family… not filled with political discussions and debate.

            In early January I will be going down to Florida where my organization hosts a conference where you can hear testimonies from the field and other great speakers teaching the Word of God. The founder of Overland Missions will be there. I know many of you won’t be able to make considering you live on the other side of America, but despite that, there is a solution. The conference is live-streamed on Facebook, so those of you who cannot make it, but have a Facebook will be able to watch it one Facebook. When I learn the times of the conference sessions I will let you guys know and then put the live streams on my Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook and you cannot be there, then I do not think I have a solution.

            A Zambian man I did ministry with in Zambia will coming to America and I will be able to see him, which I am really excited about. Him and I ministered to each other, spoke at Bible studies together, and prayed for people. It was really cool. He will be arriving mid-December and spending Christmas with my Mom and I. Him and I will be going to the Overland Missions’ conference.

            My previous newsletter I talked about our unity with God and how that is a truth we can walk in. It is no small matter. Knowing our place in God should affect our everyday walk with Him. I did not hit on everything I wanted to touch on in my last newsletter so this one has a continuation of what I wrote about last time. This newsletter has a larger focus on how oneness with God brings oneness in each other and what that means.

            You will see I made it into a PDF, for easy access and printing if you want to share it with others. I have also left it next to its counterpart: ONENESS 2017.












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