The Vision

March 5, 2018

     February was a good month. God blessed me in different ways. He gave me a car, which was quite awesome. My uncle knows this couple who was moving from their condo and they wanted to just get rid of their vehicle. We were able to work it out so that it would be coming to me. This vehicle is a 1997 Toyota Avalon in great condition and very few miles are on it! The seats are comfortable which is a big perk to me. What makes this story really cool though, is that back in February of 2017, I told God that I wanted to give a vehicle to someone. I didn’t have any idea to whom to give it to, but I wanted to do this for someone. I would have probably done it immediately, but I only had one car. I couldn’t really give away my one car since that would mean I had no car. So, I just waited. February of 2018 rolls around and God gives me a vehicle. This meant that I could finally give a car to someone. I was debating on who, asking different people and what not, if they needed a car or knew someone who did. I hadn’t even had the Toyota a week when I discovered someone I knew was in need of a vehicle immediately. They needed it by Monday and I found out about that Sunday. I was able to bless that person with a vehicle when they needed one at just the right time. I love how God worked it all out. I made the decision a year ago that I wanted to give my vehicle away, but God knew exactly when this person was going to need one, so He waited a year before He gave me the Toyota, so I wouldn’t give the other one away to the wrong person.

     On a bit of a sidetrack, but a really funny story was that I was tracking my miles in my Toyota figuring out the gas mileage when one Wednesday I saw this gas station with cheap gas. I figured I would go fill it up there since it was so cheap. I filled up my tank and looked to see how much it cost and how many gallons went in. As I watched my gas gauge, it didn’t move. I figured it must be broken. That’s okay because I can just track the miles... no big deal. A few days later on Saturday my gas gauge went all wacko and said it is on E. I have only put 100 miles on this tank of gas. I still have plenty far I can go. Next thing I know I am at a stoplight and the light turns green. I push down the gas and my car lurches forward a bit then just peters out. Great... my vehicle broke down in the middle of an intersection! I am a bit annoyed because now I don’t have a back-up car anymore. A man saw what was happening, comes over and helps me push it into a parking lot. We were trying different things to figure out the issue. We just had no idea. He said it sounds like the engine wasn’t getting any gas. I told him that I just filled it up on Wednesday and have only put 100 miles on this tank. It has plenty of gas. We were both kind of clueless. Anyways, we decide to see what would happen if we put gas into it. We go and run to a gas station and I bought a two-gallon tank of gas and took it back to my car to put in. After I filled it, I tried to start my car and it started right up! Okay, whatever it works, I thought, so who knows what the issue was. I drove it to the gas station just to top it off, then it hit me. I looked at my bank records and saw that I never actually bought any gas Wednesday. I only thought I did. My car really did just run out of gas. I never filled my car up on Wednesday. I started laughing. What a ridiculous mistake. There was nothing wrong with my vehicle, just user error. I realized once again that the Holy Spirit is with me, that everything I touch is blessed. I know all things will work well and be blessed with long functioning systems. I don’t have time for the devil to be breaking my car down, nor is he allowed to. My car and everything I touch is protected from demonic strongholds. I started to praise God for being the God that delivers. He delivers me from car issues. He delivers out of death. He delivers out of poverty. My God rescues! Upon my God, my rock, will I build my foundation in life and find deliverance from the work of the devil and find my inheritance as a son of God.

On a different note: I had another church partner with me. I have also been setting up meetings with current financial partners to find referrals. I will be speaking at a young adult’s group on March 8th to talk to them about faith and tying that to the Bride of Christ and the promises of God. This was something that especially convicted me this month. I plan on recording it. They said I have fifteen minutes, but I pray that God will stop the sun and give me some more time. Just a few more minutes, like two hours’ worth, no big deal.

      I was reflecting on past meetings I have had with people and I felt like I have not made my vision for missions clear enough. Now, I have a goal I want to accomplish. I think part of it is that my vision was not so clear to me. When I was reflecting on this, God gave me my vision. He gave me the goal for the nations and people. It is as follows: “to see the strongholds on people and nations ripped apart... to see the kingdoms of darkness burn and the children of God stand tall. I want to see the foolish pride of the nations become folly. I want to see those worthless idols of the world held so dear shatter underneath the weight of our God. I want to see the people so dearly beloved by God set free by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit.” This will be done by believing in the Gospel. That is what will fulfill this vision. Every single one of you reading this is a part of this vision and will help bring it to pass. God loves people, so He works with people. Becoming a submitted servant allows the will of God to come to pass. He loves you. He is proud of you. He is pleased with you. He wants you more. He says, “come closer to me, child. I want to hold you in my arms.” Your Father God wants to hold you in His arms. In your household the love of God flows. He is there. This God is what we are bringing to the edges of the earth and to people we know and people we do not know. Now, let us thank Jesus our Savior for His love.

     I have a paper I will be putting out eventually on our identities given to us when we were born into salvation. Really you could put out multiple novels on this subject, but I will keep it a short paper. Maybe fifteen pages or something similar. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope I have made my vision clear.

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