The Weight of the Cross

February 27th is the official date of when I became fully funded! Thank you for helping to make this happen! I will be a leader on four different short-term trips this year in three different countries in Asia. I have had to hit the ground recruiting team members and March

has been busy with this. Groups of people to share the Gospel will be a team effort. There are many unreached people whose spirits are waiting for a believer to realize they are supposed to go to tell them the Gospel. The dates below are the trip dates. Right now I am looking to leave to Cambodia May 7th.

- June 1st Cambodia

- June 17th Cambodia

- July 1st Philippines

- August 1st East-Timor

Please pray for each of these trips, that they will be filled with new and perhaps returning expedition members. Also pray that we will reach many souls and people will be led to Christ. That is the most important thing. This will be our second time sending a short-term trip into East-Timor! I gave an update at my church and spoke at a young adults group.

I spoke on the spiritual and practical significance of vision... the idea of completely submitting one’s self underneath God’s vision and plan for his or her life rather than in one’s self; but, going beyond that and seeking vision for other people, so that one can build them up and encourage them. I didn’t see what God had in store for me until others spoke into my life; then I learned to seek God’s plan for my own life.

This month I have also been preparing logistical stuff for international travel, making sure I can make foreign transactions and other little odds and ends that have become far more complicated than necessary; but oh well! Whatever it takes! I am not fond of detail stuff; but, I am super excited to go out to these countries!

Below I have attached a PDF of the revelation I wrote about. It is about four pages, feel free to read or not. Also all my newsletters and articles have copyright laws, you have the right to copy any of them.

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