Isaiah or Jeremiah

Here are two of the churches I had the opportunity to speak at.

Life has been a blast recently! I had the opportunity to speak at a number of churches in Canada! It was my first time up there and whoa! It was freezing cold; but I suppose that was to be expected. I am now in Wisconsin to do more recruiting for my trips. I spoke at a church this last Sunday. This journey from Minnesota, to Canada, to Wisconsin has been wild.

In my last newsletter I wrote about how I needed my passport before I went up to Canada, but wasn’t sure if it would make it in time for me to go since my passport was currently being renewed. The time I was supposed to receive my passport would have been right at the time I left for Canada. Three days after my last newsletter posted asking for prayer about it, my passport came in! That was record timing. That would have been about three and a half weeks with all the snail mail and processing time which is basically express Godspeed. God answers prayers. Because of this, I am now connected with a pastor up in Canada who wants to send an entire team of people to Cambodia. Pray that goes through!

My car, before I flew to Canada, was acting funky; but I didn’t have time to deal with it. The family with whom I left my vehicle in Minnesota had some work done on it, fixing whatever issues it had. This was a huge blessing to me.

Canada had its own chaotic adventures also. The guy I was traveling with ended up missing the plane because of boarding pass issues. The car we were planning on using up there wasn’t available. We visited two car rental places and it wasn’t until the third rental place that we were able to find a vehicle. A lot of this happened the same day we were speaking at a church; but made it to our destination eight hours away with about an hour to spare. We were

planning to arrive the day before. It has been a really fruitful time in spite of all this. People signed up for AMT and for expeditions; and I have been able to impart vision into my peers. That is one of the joys of recruiting...helping people find their call.

Below I have attached an article. It is about finding your calling into ministry and something I have found that impacts people's hearts.

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